Facilities, Photo Gallery

Equipment List


  Automated mixing and mastering powered by Presonus StudioOne software; Adobe Audition; Sweetwater custom compute;r Tascam ¼” 2 Track and Cassette Decks for archival of older media.

Mixing Hardware:

  PreSonus Live 48 channel full digital mixing board with onboard eq, compressions, effects, sub masters, 8 aux sends, headphones with individually controlled personal mixes.

Mixing Software:

Adobe Audition Pro automated mixing, mastering, special effects; Presonus Studio One; Lexicon Reverb and room simulator; Isotope Mastering; Antares Auto Tune

Outboard Hardware:

 Digitech Vacuum tube mic pre-amp, dbx 266 Compressor/Gate (4 channel); BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer; 2 dbx 10446 Compressor/Limiters (4 channels each); Symetrix 544 Expander/Gate (4 channel); Quaraverb2; Digitech DSP16; Midiverb II;Roland XV-5050 Sound Module


  Full compliment of professional microphones including Neuman TLM-103; AKG 414; AKG Perception 220 and 120; EV RE-20; Rhode, Beyer, EV SM-57, Crown PZM, MXL, Audix drum mics, etc.

Control Room:

  Comfortable room with multiple seating; Acoustically balanced and EQ’d; Yamaha HS8 0 Professional Reference Monitors; Akai Professional¬†RPM 500 5" Bi-Amplified Studio Monitors; convenient outputs for visiting reference speakers.


  Total recording area over 500 square feet, plus large isolation booth and amp booth; various go-bo’s and variable acoustics. Sony and AKG headphones; Chairs, stools, music stands. Individually controlled headphone mixes by Furhman.


Mapex drum set with hydraulic heads; Kurzweil PC88MX keyboard;  Korg Triton keyboard; Roland XV 50/50 sound module; Ensonique ESQ-1; Ensonique ASR; Marshal guitar amp; Fender Deluxe amp; Ibanez 5 string bass; Martin D-35 acoustic; Taylor acoustic; Yamaha nylon string guitar; assorted Fender; Ibanez and Epiphone electric guitars; Dobro; Mandolin; and assorted percussion instruments including conga


  • Bass pod; Guitar pod; Electronic tuner; Musician’s lounge; refrigerator; TV

  • Complete Mastering and CD Production service

  • In-house MIC award winning arrangers, producers, engineers

  • Creative and Production staff: Experienced Musicians, Writers, Lead Vocalists, Back-up Vocalitsts; Announcers, and Writers

  In house musicians, arrangers, composers, vocalists, announcers.
  Complete in house music production team.
  Complete in house art, graphics, and photographic team for your CD.
  Complete CD duplication packages (please call for price quotes)



Eagle Rock Studios
PreSonus 48 input mixing console

Eagle Rock Studios
Control room mixing position
Eagle Rock Studios
Triton and Kurzweil keyboards
Eagle Rock Studios
Eagle Rock Studios
Eagle Rock image
studio one software
StudioOne recording, mixing, and mastering software

View of in studio Mapex drums kit

stuio view
Studio View
studio view
Studio View from Drums
In house instruments and amps
vocal session
A vocal session

Large iso booth

iso booth
Iso booth looking into Control Room